Security Services

With rapid evolution of technology, organizations need to implement and support new business applications with agility and business continuity; while at the same time, maintain good security posture. To manage this, companies seek to maintain high levels of security in their products and environments, without hiring droves of security experts (which can be very hard and expensive to do). We at iGarner can support these goals and alleviate the challenges for our clients through our consulting services. The iGarner team ensures that you have the best quality services and support on all of your IT security projects. We believe that the security landscape is ever changing and evolving, with challenges coming from all directions, which no organization can effort to ignore. iGarner is here to make sure you have the people, services, and tools necessary to weather this ever-changing technology world.

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Mobile Security

Using techniques such as Penetration Testing, Static code review, dynamic assessments, our professional services team can help ensure a mobile application is secure, robust and built using leading security practice.

Vulnerability Testing MSSP

Our managed service provides around the clock vulnerability testing services to fit your off-hours testing schedules.
Continuous Asset Inventory and Profiling.
Host and Server Vulnerability Assessments.
PCI Compliance Testing.
Web application Security Assessments.

Penetration Network/App Testing

Our Expert level professional use automated tools, as well as manual tests to assess the technical and logical security controls of your assets and applications on-prem or in the cloud.

API Security Testing

Test API’s to validate technical and logical flaws that would lead to elevated levels of access or major data loss.