iGarner is a software outsourcing company which has an experienced and qualified team of specialists and offers wide range of advanced solutions in offshore software testing and development services. Having been founded in 2008, iGarner has met the huge growth in the past 5 years and now the company has global offices and staffing more than 250 software development experts.

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Application Outsourcing Services

Our application outsourcing services can help you realize cost advantages while simultaneously bringing improved, strategic value to the business. Not just now, but for years to come.


Bundled Outsourcing

Bundled outsourcing can help redefine back-office operations by taking an end to end process view that overrides functional boundaries. This means reduced cost and increased strategic flexibility while simplifying multiple functions.


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

iGarner offers a vast range of BPO services to enable high performance, including function-specific services such as procurement, HR and finance and accounting, as well as services geared to the needs of specific industries such as utilities, insurance and health care.


Capacity Services

iGarner Application Capacity Services provide provisioning of skilled IT professionals on an ongoing basis to supplement existing client teams. With this offering, we can provide a rich mix of offshore resources as desired, thereby minimizing cost and maximizing flexibility.


Finance and Accounting BPO

To achieve high performance in a challenging global marketplace, companies are looking to their finance function for insights that will drive business improvement. iGarner Finance and Accounting Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services has the next-generation approach to help.


Health Administration BPO

Leading health care companies have long used business process outsourcing (BPO) as a way to improve processes, speed transactions and reduce costs. Now they are looking to their outsourcing providers for more.


Human Resources BPO

Killed employees are the foundation of true, long-lasting competitive differentiation—companies have to attract and retain these key resources, and manage them effectively. More and more companies are turning to business process outsourcing (BPO) to ensure their HR function operates at peak.


Industry-specific BPO

iGarner Industry-specific BPO Services can design solutions to help to deliver results including: raising organizational effectiveness; improving cash flow and liquidity; positioning for growth; achieving rapid and sustained cost management; and accelerating “speed to results.”


Infrastructure Outsourcing Services

In today’s increasingly digital world, companies are looking for agility in IT management, spend, and operations. From strategy and design to ongoing operations, we can help you create a more cost-effective, secure and responsive infrastructure that scales and adapts to your business needs.